Welcome to the complaints section of MediaWatch Youth. This section has two purposes:

  1. to provide information on how to make an effective complaint about the media, and
  2. to send a complaint on-line to a media regulatory body

Media broadcasters want you to watch and listen to their shows and advertisers want you to buy products, so as a viewer and a consumer your opinion matters. When a broadcaster or advertiser receives a complaint, they are face public pressure to alter media images.

When you make a written complaint your concerns are registered and counted, this way your complaint can not be easily dismissed or discounted. Also, writing a formal complaint is one way to ensure that broadcasters/advertisers reply to your concerns. Once you receive an official response the broadcaster/advertiser can be held responsible for their action or inaction. Use this website to enter your complaint today — it will make a difference!

It is important to write your complaint letter immediately after hearing/seeing the offending media. There are guidelines for both radio and television broadcasting which determine how long show tapes are saved.

If you enter a complaint too long after the program or ad was aired regulators may not be able to investigate. Remember, when you write your complaint letter right away the information is still fresh in your mind.

Don’t wait — ACT TODAY!

Use the on-line complaint form to make your voice heard; it’s easy and fast. Simply fill in the form, select the appropriate regulatory body and click submit. That’s all there is to it.