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seeks to eliminate sexism in the media. With your help we can transform how the media represents and portrays girls and women as either invisible or in stereotypical ways.

Girls and women must be portrayed and equitably represented in all of their physical, racial, religious, economical and cultural diversities. Change in the media is fundamental to alter individual thinking and behaviours that have normalised and allowed gender inequality, sexual harassment and violence against girls and women to exist.

Daily, thousands of media images bombard us. Images can be found on billboards, TV, radio, video games, the Internet and in magazines, schools, public areas and on public transit. The media is everywhere and it informs us about how to dress, look, eat and interact. Media also impacts how we view each other, our gender roles and what we define as normal social behaviour. To overcome the negative impacts of the media environment, education and creative resistance is necessary.

On this site you will find a variety of information sources and research that explain how the media has a negative influence. You will also learn how to get active and create change in your community.

Learn about everything you want to know about MediaWatch and the fight against sexism in the media, and more.

Please take a few moments to tell MediaWatch about your media habits and views. 

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